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Kerala has been struggling with floods for past few weeks. The floods have paralyzed normal life of millions of people. We at Raise India Foundation are making efforts to reach and extend our support to provide them with basic amenities for which we raised our hands for support. We would need little support from your side!

You can contribute things such as-

#dry ration(rice,pulses,sugar,tea,rava), biscuits

#children clothing, bed sheets, slippers, towers,lungis,new undergarments

#basic medicines, utensils, sanitary napkins, umbrellas, mosquito net.

Anything which can help them to rebuild their lives.

We will send our team of volunteers to collect these items.

Please donate now!

Your contribution is very valuable at this moment, please donate so that we can reach more number of people for flood relief activity.You can also donate online via the below link

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