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Raise India Foundation is a nationally registered not for profit organization working for the betterment of the underprivileged. Our vision is to provide those in need with opportunity, dignity, and hope so that they can change themselves, their family, and their community. We support grassroots initiatives around the nation that educate all children, empower women and girls, and enable them to transform their own communities.

We support all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, or religion. We work to provide medical aid to economically weaker cancer patients. Raise India Foundation is a humanitarian aid organization, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies.

During FY 2019-20, Raise India Foundation directly reached out to 1 million people through 7 projects running across India, mainly in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi.


Director's Message

Mr. Jai Pal Singh Malik &   Ms. Shipra Chauhan

Welcome to Raise India Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO) established on 22nd December 2014 by Mr. Jai Pal Singh Malik and Ms. Shipra Chauhan. Mr. Jai Pal Singh Malik served the Government of India as a Class 1 Gazetted Officer in Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), and is an experienced social worker for past 15 years having worked with different sections of the underprivileged. A true leader for whom age is just a number. At 75, his years of experience in administration has helped the foundation in implementing varied projects undertaken successfully.

Ms. Shipra Chauhan is a management professional and began her career in financial services for 6 years. She is a social activist and at a very early in life, she understood the importance of being self-governing and cultured. Her passion for development of children has led her to contribute towards the educational and environmental initiatives of foundation passionately. Her excellent leadership and inter-personal skills have helped the foundation in achieving success in their programs.

Mother Teresa once said, “ Hungry for love, He looks at you. Thirsty for kindness, He begs of you. Naked for loyalty, He hopes in you. Homeless for shelter in your heart, He asks of you. Will you be that one to Him? ”

Over the past 7 years, Raise India Foundation believes in providing all the resources to the needy to support & empower them to create their own fate. Raise India Foundation has handled many projects related to awareness campaign on education, health, women menstrual hygiene, women empowerment which aimed at helping the underprivileged section of the nation.

Right to Education and Right to Health are some of the basic rights which every individual of this world should be provided with, irrespective of their social status. Raise India Foundation leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that every individual who has been deprived of these for some reason, get the opportunity to avail these rights. The backbone of Raise India Foundation is its Team, Sponsors, Volunteers and all supporters who are helping Raise India Foundation in many different ways. We are very grateful for the support that we get from every individual who make our work possible.


our work

Raise India Foundation, among one of the most active NGO in India, works intensively through focused welfare projects in areas like education for poor children, healthcare for marginalized and vulnerable communities, community engagement through women empowerment, disaster management, skills training and livelihood for youth and save the environment .

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awards & recognition

Covid Warriors Award

Raise India Foundation is awarded with the COVID WARRIORS AWARD by Delhi Government for the outstanding work done during pandemic. This award is presented by Awarded by Mr. Raghav Chadha, Member of Legislative Assembly, Rajendra Nagar Assembly Constituency, New Delhi.


World Ngo Day

On the occasion of World NGO Day, 27th February 2021, Centre for Sight and with NDCFS Foundation presented Certificate of Appreciation for the outstanding Service and Dedication during COVID-19


Best Volunteer Award

Raise India Foundation got BEST VOLUNTEER AWARD several times on organizing health checkup camps.


Women Marathon

Raise India Foundation is awarded with a award for Run for Health, Run for Life for organizing Women Marathon in Delhi University College.


Best Emerging NGO

Raise India Foundation is awarded with the Best Emerging NGO by Chairperson Grameen Vikas Samiti SDMC. This award is presented by Smt. Antim Gahlot, Chairperson Grameen Vikas Samiti SDMC for the work done in rural outer Delhi


Global Ngo Expo Awards

Raise India Foundation is awarded with the Work of Excellence Award in GLOBAL NGO EXPO AWARD 2021


Current Projects


We believe Education is the strongest weapon to break the cycle of poverty which can open opportunities for income, growth and sustainable development.

With this belief, we build a School in Najafgarh in September 2019, which is completely Free of Cost for all underprivileged children. Here more than 100 children are studying. In a bid to make the online classes accessible to underprivileged, especially those who do not have access to smart phones, laptops and internet facilities.

Raise India Foundation has decided to distribute tablet phones/ smart phones and make all the necessary arrangements for all the students of Shikshalaya school under the project name ‘E-SHIKSHALAYA’. All of them are from government schools and not taking any online classes due to lack of resources. So through this project, we look forward that every children must attain his/her education, despite the pandemic.

Chuppi Todo – Sharm Nahi Samman*

"Menstruation is not a problem, poor menstrual hygiene is”

In the present time (of pandemic), it is difficult for many to even get two square meals a day; buying sanitary pads and maintaining menstrual hygiene has become an unthinkable luxury. The idea behind choosing this theme is to highlight how the challenges faced by women during menstruation have worsened due to the ongoing pandemic. “Periods don’t stop for pandemic - it’s every girl’s right to manage her period safely and with dignity”.

Raise India Foundation is running the campaign “Chuppi Todo – Sharm nahi Samman” since February 2021, around all the industrial construction sites in Delhi and NCR. In a bid to improve menstrual hygiene among female construction workers we decided to help them by offering Dignity Kits. These Dignity kits contain hygiene and sanitary items, as well as other items explicitly tailored towards the local needs of women and girls of reproductive age in particular communities. Each Dignity Kit contains 15 sanitary pads, pair of undergarments, a detergent soap, a bathing soap and a Towel.

Raise your hand for women’s dignity and a conversation on a menstruation because menstruation it’s about women dignity and health. Let us strive to improve the lives of these women by creating a safe and secure environment for them. Come and join us in our campaign, together we can make the difference for them
Every woman deserves it…no matter where she is..

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Raise India Foundation is committed to high standards of acountability and transparency.

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Your generous donations go towards implementation of our programs, adminstration and fundraising.

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You contributions to Raise India Foundation are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act.

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